The following is a list of Guan Ho Ha Members that offer training in several areas. These are not employees of the Club, nor is their training endorsed by Guan Ho Ha.

Hunter Education

Joe Viva is a Life Member of the Guan Ho Ha Fish and Game Club, Inc., and is the Chairperson of the Hunter Education Committee at the Club.  Joe has been providing Hunter Education Instruction since the 1970s throughout the Capital District, and at Guan Ho Ha since 1992.  He currently serves as Guan Ho Ha's alternate representative to the Schenectady County chapter of the New York Conservation Council.

Joe is a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Certified Master Instructor for both gun and bow. Joe's credentials also include:

  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
  • NRA Certified Home and Firearm Safety Instructor
  • 4H Certified Rifle Instructor

Joe created and maintains the Facebook Group Hunter Education in New York State and is also the Region 4 Director for the New York State Conservation Council.

Pistol / Rifle Training

Christopher Haigh


Christopher Haigh is a Guan Ho Ha Member and is an Active Police Officer. Christopher is an approved Schenectady County Basic and Advanced Pistol Instructor and a Certified NRA Instructor with credentials in the following areas: 

  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • CCW,
  • Personal Protection inside the home
  • Personal Protection outside the home
  • Range Safety Officer

 Christopher is always looking and seeking out additional training to offer. He enjoys teaching and will do group and private lessons. Christopher would like to add a different twist to traditional stagnate shooting; he would like to encourage fun and practical shooting education. Christopher also aspires to form some sort of informal fun friendly competitive shooting club like IPSC, USPSA and SCSA open to members and non-members.

Pistol / Rifle Training

Colin Borst


Colin Borst has been teaching Pistol and Rifle classes for 10 years.  He can provide one on one private lessons for Safe Firearm Handling, Basic Pistol / Rifle Skills, and Advanced Accuracy with Pistol, and Self Defense Mindset.  He aspires to teach a class on Reacting to Active Shooter and Self Aid. (Medical)

For more information reach out to Colin. Together, you can build a customized class for your needs.

Colin looks forward to assisting his community gain strength and confidence in the safe practice of firearms skills and training.


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