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Our Application Process

There are two categories of Club memberships. 

Regular Member:  A United States citizen 18 years of age or older, free from any conviction of game or firearms violations, or any other violations or convictions and subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

Junior Members:   A Junior member is any person between 12 years of age and their 18th birthday.

Each year, Guan Ho Ha has a limited number of Regular membership openings available, so you may have to wait.  There is however no waiting period for Junior memberships. Junior members may apply at at any time. 

The application process is identical for a Regular or Junior membership.  Any person seeking Club membership must be sponsored by an existing member.  The sponsor member must (1) be a member in good standing and; (2) have been a member for a minimum of one calendar year. The sponsor must contact the Club Membership Secretary on your behalf requesting to place your name  on the regular member stand-by list, providing the following information: (1) Prospective member's full name and contact telephone number (2) the sponsor member's full name (3) Sponsor's membership number and contact telephone number.  This request may be e-mailed to the Membership Secretary with subject line of “Membership Waiting List”.  The actual waiting period for new regular memberships varies from year to year, based on how many are on the stand-by list.

Once a regular membership has become available (typically beginning in mid-February) and the stand-by list name reached, the sponsor member will be contacted asking to accompany the prospective member to fill out the Club membership application in person at the Club.  At the time of completing the application, including authorization to perform a background check, you must provide a valid form of identification (Government issued photo ID, driver’s license or school district ID). 

Regular membership dues - the annual membership dues are $180.00 for year 2022, with a one-time application/background investigation fee of $75.00 (your total fee for the first year of membership is $255.00) paid at time of application. 

Junior membership dues – the membership dues are $45.00 (your total dues for the first year of membership is $45.00) paid at the time of application. Once a junior member is voted in there is no yearly dues until he/she reaches 18 years old.

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