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To be offered at Guan-Ho-Ha in 2017 If you have an interest in attending or for questions on the course please contact Adam Cavoli @ 518-944-4711

Guan Ho Ha will not be having breakfast this year

2016 Bronzeback Results

  • 1st Place – John, Nick and Bob Gaworecki – 10.9380 lbs
  • 2nd Place – Don D. and Emillio Nevis – 10.5635 lbs
  • 3 rd Place – Adam Hannah, Kuder and Devon Mathews – 10.0935 lbs
  • Lunker – Adam Hannah, Kuder and Devon Mathews – 2.8795 lbs
  • Rock Bass – Bob Hafler Sr. and Bob Hafler Jr. – 1.0065 lbs

A special thank you to Ed Austro for headin gup catering and to Rick Mark, Brandon Brown and Phil Singer for helping in the kitchen. Thank you to all who participated. Please visit our sponsors and see you agian next year!

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Tuesday Night Billiards

$0.25 per game, free food, drink specials


There have been several reports this sumer of abuse of the ranges.

  • Using a shotfun on the pistol and rifle ranges
  • Leaving carboard or targets behind
  • Leaving shells or brass behind on the ground
  • Shooting from anywhere but the firing line
These are all prohibited. Please review and abide by ALL of our range rules as published in the back of the by-laws booklet and posted through the club grounds.

As difficult as it is to join the club, it would be a shame to lose members over such behavior. We're all in this together. let's take care of our club. - Pat Quillinan - Membership Secretary

Guan-Ho-Ha Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament

Open to members and guests. Saturday January 28th, 1:00pm. $50 buy in with $25 add on. Food included and cash bar. All money to be awarded to winners. Call Dominicak DiCarlo @ 701-0200 for information and to sign up


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