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To be offered at Guan-Ho-Ha in 2017 If you have an interest in attending or for questions on the course please contact Adam Cavoli @ 518-944-4711

Corned Beef Dinner March 17th

Fish Dinner April 14th

2016 Guan Ho Ha Annual Fishing Contest Results

  • Walleyed Pike - Bob Hafler Sr - 6 lbs 4 ozs - 24”
  • Largemouth Bass - Bob Hafler Jr - 4 lbs. 8 ozs.- 20”
  • Smallmouth Bass - Rick Mark - 2 lbs - 14”
  • Brook Trout - Bruce Smith - 1 lb - 14”
  • Rainbow Trout - Bob Hafler Jr - 1 lb. 2 ozs. - 14 3/4”
  • Landlocked Salmon - Tim Frame - 2.8 lbs - 23 ¼”
  • Lake Ontario Division - Brown Trout - Ted Horn - 9 lbs 4 ozs- 25 ¾”

Important Links

2017 Carp Shoot May 20th, 2017

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Guan Ho Ha Shotgun Shooting Sports Open House

Guan Ho Ha will host a shotgun shooting sports open house for anyone interested in learnings the fundamentals of trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Shotguns, hearing and eye protection, and shells will be provided if needed. All participants will be given a gun safety overview and will be able to try their hand at hitting clay targets. Pre-registration is suggested. Children must be 12 years of age or older to shoot. The free program will start at 11:00am with a gun safety program and overview followed by actual shooting at 12 noon. Volunteers will be on hand to work with all participants individually.

For more information and to pre-register call Al Peters at 882-1415.

2017 Annual Guan-Ho-Ha Mohawk River Bronzeback Tournament

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2016 Bear Harvest Results

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Guan-Ho-Ha Turkey Contest 2017 Rules

  1. All birds will be scored by NWTF rules:
    1. Weight + Beard x 2 + Each Spur x 10
    2. NWTF wild turkey measurements (1 1/16 of an inch.)
  2. Dressed turkeys weighed in: Monday - Friday 2:00-6:00 pm • Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 2:00 pm
  3. All turkeys weighed in to the nearest ounce, beards and spurs to the nearest 1/8 or 1/16 inch.
  4. All turkeys must be legally tagged with a NYS turkey tag
  5. All birds will be scored by typical scoring, meaning that a bird with more than one beard or more than one spur on his leg, will be scored by the longest or largest beard or spur.
  6. Anyone who brings in a bird after judging hours, will have their bird scored the next day. You may leave birds in the cooler as long as they are in plastic bags and legally tagged.
  7. All birds must be shot and entered by GUAN-HO-HA members only.
  8. All birds must be properly field dressed and dry, 1-lb. deduction for wet birds.
  9. Any contestant entering an illegally taken bird will be disqualified from the contest and their name turned over to the proper authorities.
  10. AII judges reserve the right to make final decisions on all matters. Judges will be Bobby Hafler, Shane Sweet
  11. Turkey contest held in May 2017


Winners will be drawn from the NYS evening three number Tickets can Be Signed Out - Turkey Hunters Please help sell tickets, you will be helping yourself and out contest. For Info Contact Bob 598-4916

MAY 1st - 10th, 2017

  1. Mossberg 500 Turkey Grand Slam 12 Ga
  2. $250.00 Cash
  3. T/C Impact .50 Cal
  4. $250.00 Cash
  5. Stevens 555 O/U 20 Ga
  6. $250.00 Cash
  7. Remington 870 20 Ga
  8. $250.00 Cash
  9. Winchester XPR Hunter 30.06
  10. $500.00 Cash

*All State sales tax for guns will be paid courtesy of Guan-Ho-Ha.



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